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Shipping Reality in Canada

Unfortunately, shipping in Canada is very expensive. We strive to keep our costs down at every opportunity so that we can pass those savings on to our valued customers. The sad truth is we simply cannot compete with the large multi-national corporations who (due to their shear mammoth proportions) can offer free shipping across the board. We have settled on a $15 flat rate shipping fee, which helps pay for some of our shipping costs (typically around $20/package). We also pay additionally for all of the packaging materials. If you can increase your order to $65, we offer Free Shipping, thus covering all of these costs ourselves. However, by far the best option for all parties (except perhaps the courier services and the packaging companies) is to choose FREE LOCAL PICKUP or FIND ONE OF OUR STOCKISTS whenever possible. We offer Free Pickup options at 3 of our Toronto Farmers Markets. You can place and pay for your order through our online shop and conveniently pick up your order at any of these 3 locations in Toronto:

Sorauren Farmers Market

Dufferin Grove Farmers Market

Montgomery's Inn Farmers Market

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